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A Weekend Getaway! The One Night Micro-Mini Vacation!

Every now and then Bonaparte and I like to take a little weekend trip.  To be honest with you, we haven’t done this in a while.  Our last weekend “trip” was to Paris (Jesus, I sound like a pretentious asshole … Continue reading

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A Weekend in DC and Now to the Oscars.

Whew!  Bonaparte and I just got home five minutes ago from a weekend in DC.  He wanted to get me out of the house so he swooped me away to our Nation’s Capital. Anyway, I’ll be posting pictures. IF my … Continue reading

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Hot Mess Mommy- True Tales From the Dark Side

A couple of days back, my friend Anne posted a Buzzfeed video on Facebook.  This particular vignette looked at the different types of mommies in today’s culture. This video is so funny–but so incredibly spot on about different kinds of … Continue reading

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HBO’s “Vinyl”. It’s Kind of Plasticky!

Always late to the party, I thought HBO’s new series, “Vinyl” was premiering Sunday night.  I missed that by a week. But thanks to “On Demand”, we were able to watch three full hours of this new series created by … Continue reading

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Old Lady Date Night. The Fugly Truth of Looking Humanly Beautiful.

Bonaparte and I celebrated a belated Valentine’s Day dinner last night at our favorite restaurant—Spring Mill Café.  I covered the reason why we pushed back our dinner in my Valentine’s Day post.  And, I’ll tell you all about our great … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Sunshine, On a Cloud Bread Day!

I guess you’d Say Oprah and Me are doin’ OK! Cloud Bread. Talkin’ ’bout Cloud Bread. Cloud Bread! If the Temptations knew about Cloud Bread, they would have changed the lyrics!   Oprah loves bread.  Oprah sure makes a lot … Continue reading

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Can We Talk Travel? Can We Talk Paris? Can We Talk Logical Paris Travel?

No. I’m not channeling my French Joan Rivers.  It’s just that now is the time that many people are making plans for summer trips and vacations.  And. Lately, I’ve been approached by both friends and family on advice and thoughts … Continue reading

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73 Peeks Into My Thought Process

I’m weight-challenged. Beauty-challenged. Discretion-challenged. Career-challenged. And so much more. But. One thing I ain’t is “Truthfully Challenged“!  I tell it like it is. I was given a challenge earlier this morning by Trudy from “Rendezvous in New York” to answer … Continue reading

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Down With Love!

Bonaparte made dinner reservations at our favorite local restaurant for this coming Saturday evening.  February 13th, the day before St. Valentine’s Day.  The restaurant is “Spring Mill Café” and we love our dinners there. The staff knows us, the food … Continue reading

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I Came, I Saw, I Conquered NW Arkansas!

I’m so proud of how my daughter has grown into a responsible adult. When we arrived at her apartment, dinner that she prepared– a soup from her home made bone broth, sausage and kale was ready to be served. She even had the … Continue reading

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