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Sakes Alive—It’s Week Five! The Scale Keeps Moving!

Hi all!  I hope you’ve had a great an enjoyable week on our weight loss journey.  And the fact that I wrote that sentence is such a contradiction. A big contradiction!  Because as much as my week has been enjoyable—both … Continue reading

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Outta My Way Donald and Hillary. There’s a New Candidate in Town!

Didja see the great debate last night?  I was waiting for Dr. Oz to run up and treat Trump’s runny nose and sniffles!   Hillary didn’t have to say much except look down at her opponent with a smirk. She looked … Continue reading

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Better Red Than Dead! (No. It Isn’t Political. It is Fashionolitical!)

Whoa! Don’t judge.  Nyet!! Remember the slogan from the Cold War days of yore?  And red is the color of the political party I do NOT belong to! I’m not with them. Although I have to admit, those Russians of … Continue reading

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Weight A Minute! Can You Believe It’s Been FOUR Weeks Already?

Hard to believe I’ve been actually sticking to this weight loss journey. If it weren’t for you, my friends, I probably would have given up. And if I made it through 4 weeks, I am now determined to go the … Continue reading

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She’s Selling Me The Good Foundation. It’s Coming With High Expectations.

Ok ladies. Sing along with me to the tune of The Beach Boy’s “Good Vibrations” “She’s selling me the good foundation” “It’s coming with high expectations” “Um bah bah. Good Foundation Ba-ah” I bought a new foundation.  Expectations were high! … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Fashion and Beauty: Why Do You Ignore Me and My Peers?

Dear Beauty and Fashion Industries: Why do you ignore me?  For years and years I’ve been a faithful supporter and consumer.  My relationship with both of you started when I was an awkward pre-teen.  I would look through Seventeen and … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Friday. Easing Into Change On Week Three!

Hi All!  I hope you are all doing fine this week. I’m amazed that it’s been three weeks and I’m now looking forward to writing these Friday-on-Thursday-night posts! This week I’m down a pound. I have to tell you, if … Continue reading

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And Just Why Do We Need New Kitchen Counters?

I’ll get to that question.  But first, I’m going to tell you what is leading up to it. I was all set to write about a couple of home projects that we need to carry out. We’ve been in Chateau … Continue reading

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Please. Don’t EVER Forget!

I started writing a post last night about home decorating and improvement from my “empty nester” point of view.  But when I woke up this morning, there were reminders of this horrific event that is now 15 years old. Back … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Friday. Weak Two.

It isn’t a typo.  I was weak this week. Well, actually I was weak last weekend!  Don’t judge!  In addition, I’m posting this on Thursday evening because somewhere, it’s already Friday! Oh my friends, I hope you fared better than I … Continue reading

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