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The “Stuff” Empty Nesters are Made Of!

Do you remember stepping on that random Lego or small plastic toy in the middle of the night? In the dark? I do. I also remember stepping on random teenagers who, unbeknownst to me, crashed in the family room for … Continue reading

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Oldilocks–A Modern Hairy Tale!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived an old lady named “Oldilocks”. Oldilocks used to have beautiful hair when she was young but as she aged and her hair became over processed, dry, heat damaged, unmanageable. She was one … Continue reading

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Traveling With This Old Bag. Not ME–My BEAUTY Bag!!!!

Happy Hump Day! Well, I didn’t get my hair colored today. I’m now on day 11 of my roller set. Yeah. I know. I’m disgusting but my hair doesn’t look half bad this filthy! Besides, the 11th day Roller Set … Continue reading

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Lipstickin’ It To Ya!

The sun is shining and the roads are cleared of any snow and ice. The “big” snow may not have affected the area that I live in, but it affected my hair stylist. He got snowed in! My color, trim and … Continue reading

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What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Monday morning, the snowflakes are floating down from the white sky. We’re supposed to have a doozy of a snowstorm, but those little flakes don’t seem  threatening right now. I’m hoping for a much lighter snowfall because tomorrow I have … Continue reading

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The Movie Starts at 10:30? In the Morning??????

It’s finally happened. I’ve crossed the line into the world of “Old People”. It never occurred to me that this would be one of the rites of passage in my lifetime. After all, I’m vibrant. I’m hip. I’m cool. I … Continue reading

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Buns and Baking–a Snowy Saturday!

The snow from last night is now a mix of icy rain—it’s just a yucky day.   It’s ok, though. I’m going to spend my time baking and making a supply of malted milk crumb for future Momofuku Milk Bar cake baking. Now … Continue reading

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It’s a CAR, Monsieur Bonaparte. It’s a Car!!!!

For many, many years, I was fortunate enough to get where I needed to go via the New York City Subway System. Then came the suburban years which meant having to acquire a car and the headaches began.  Here’s the deal– lots … Continue reading

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I May Be a “Handsome” Woman, But Don’t Call Me “Sir”. OK?

I’m still reeling over a comment made to me last week by a male cashier at Pet Smart. The following incident validates one of the reasons why I really should wear makeup when I’m out and about: Chippy, being the … Continue reading

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Smashin’ Fashion…and Hiding a Muffin Top!

What a day! Snow is on the way and I lost my original draft of my post!  Arrgh!  Earlier today I was out and about with Chippy, my protector!  He  thinks he’s my bodyguard–and he’s so serious! Anyway, when I … Continue reading

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