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The Spicy Chronicles Continue–and A Twin Too!

What a nice Saturday morning! For once there is not a cloud in the sky. I hear a little bird chirping, it almost feels like spring truly is on her way. The frozen left over snow isn’t even bothering me! … Continue reading

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It’s A Chili, Glittery Eye Make Up, Joe King Carrasco Kinda Weekend!!!

Happy Friday! Monsieur Bonaparte has a cold. He’s a smart Frenchman, he is! Instead of really “refined” (his words, not mine) dinner fare for the weekend, he’s requested something simple—yet, with heat as to open his nasal passages. Tonight—it’s Chili … Continue reading

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From 50 Shades of Gray to One Shade of Black, Luxurious Hair!

Oh happy day ! I’m having my hair colored and cut (i.e. trimmed) today and the sky is as white as the line of demarcation on my forehead. Fifty Shades of Gray, or just call me skunk stripe! No matter … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law, Tiling, and a Dreadlocked Issue!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Well, Murphy’s Law  keeps on aknockin’ at my door. It’s so weird—when I was working and had medical benefits, nothing ever happened to me.   Well—remember the  hemorrhoid episode?  Read this past post to learn more! The other day … Continue reading

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Mardi Means Back to French Class..and a Bit of Organizational Skills

Tonight begins a new semester of French class for me. Back to class. Again! I should be in a French IV class but I repeated French I and tonight I repeat French II. Every year I say “I am going to … Continue reading

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Mommy and Me Weekend and Those Crazy Oscars!!!

Happy Monday! What a wonderful weekend I had hanging out with my daughter! Amtrak. Always late! Saturday couldn’t have come quick enough—I picked Oona up in Paoli after her Amtrak ride from NYC—we headed over to Bleu Mousse Salon where … Continue reading

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Putting the “Fun” in Unemployment! “Fun”-Employment Friday!

What a busy Friday I had! When an invite comes through the regular mail I get so excited! I’m honored that someone would actually want me at their party or soiree! It’s such a pleasure. My delusional self sees this … Continue reading

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The “Untouched-ables”–Let’s See More!!

With no thanks to being unemployed, I’m becoming lazier and lazier upon awakening each morning.   I’m telling you it’s a chore just to get out of bed to empty my bladder. I’m thinking of visiting a medical supply store for … Continue reading

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We Wanna Wear Our Dresses!!

Can we talk about dresses today?   Enough already with the boots, the socks under the boots, the jeans, the belt, the shirt, the sweater, the scarf. Add to that, a heavy coat or jacket—which can be so cumbersome when driving. … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday and Mourning the Loss of a Great Girl Singer

The Greatest Teenaged Girl Singer of All Time! A part of my childhood died yesterday when I heard the news of Lesley Gore’s passing. In the early to mid-sixties, I loved listening to her woes of teenaged angst and boys. … Continue reading

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