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Au Revoir and Oh La La. I’ll Be Back, Fresh and Renewed!

 The bags are packed! Well, at least one bag is finally packed! (With the exception of my small carry on—last minute stuff to pack). Fake Tan. Check. Fake hair. Check. (I have my priorities!)  Trust me, this bag has been opened … Continue reading

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Forget the Village–It Takes a REAL Man! Duggar Male People–You Don’t Deserve To Be Called A “Man”!

Duggar, Duggar. Duggar. It’s just bothering me so much. The fact that the males in this family have to be so overpowering to the women just rubs me the wrong way.  They aren’t real men at all! As the patriarch … Continue reading

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Toupee O’ The Mornin’ To Ya Ladies! Let’s Talk Fake Hair!

Be warned. My car was broken into last night and I’m waiting for the police to come. Ugh. My registration is gone. So are a bunch of my coveted French music CD’s. Quite a few cars in my neighborhood got … Continue reading

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Beauty IS The Beast! Atypical 60’s Guide to Packing Cosmetics–and Other Items Of Importance!

Bonaparte has been able to calm my anxiety down by demanding, insisting, kindly suggesting that I put all thoughts of my job search out of my mind until we return from France. How selfish of him! He’s only suggesting this … Continue reading

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Two American Families: The Louds v The Duggars. And a Late ’60’s Make Up Kinda Vibe!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been almost a week of gray skies, on and off rain, dropping temperatures, but I’m not complaining. I’ve been inspired to throw a load of laundry in the washer. You know how one thing leads to … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again! Packing the Essentials. And Repacking. And Repacking. Oh. And MORE Repacking!

In a little over a week, Bonaparte and I will be back on his home turf—Paris. This is as close as I will ever be to the Eiffel Tower. I’m not kidding. Too many people for my comfort level! Then … Continue reading

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Move Over Moses! Here’s MY Commandments! Atypical 60’s Rules to Live By!

Alright. I’ll admit, I’m a bit hungover today. A bit too much of the bubbly on a week night and some Côtes de Provence does not a chipper gal make in the morning! But I had my moments of pity … Continue reading

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Fired! And I’m NOT Talking About Burgers Flipping on The Grill. I Got Fired!

Pity Party Time Everyone! I just chilled the Champagne! Yeah. Tonight I’m having the bubbly for a Pity Party! I got fired! The past two positions I held were positions in which my administrative skills were used to their fullest … Continue reading

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