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Empty Nest Mommy Looks Back At School Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While savoring my morning cup of cawfee, I heard many young voices coming from outside. When I looked out the window, I saw a familiar scene. Kids with backpacks. Moms walking beside them—some with strollers in tow; some with dogs … Continue reading

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Taking Hippie Back!!!

Bonaparte read Friday’s post and was struck by the caption I wrote under the photo of Country Joe and the Fish.  Friday’s Post about “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” and Roots Music My caption read: “WTF has happened to music … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Forever Young–From Within

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.” Bonaparte and I were walking through Nordstrom’s the other day when I spotted the most beautiful dress. I’m telling you, this dress spoke to me. This dress also spoke to … Continue reading

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I’m Checking Out My Roots. Musical Roots, That Is!

Are you like me? Do you love documentaries the way I do? There’s nothing like a great documentary (Or as Bonaparte calls them “document-AIRzzz“) to give you a peek into the world of photography, food, other cultures—just about anything! Documentaries … Continue reading

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Beauty Bits From The Paupered Princess©

Hey. I know you will love today’s post! I’ve decided to make a regular posting about beauty from my alter ego “The Paupered Princess”.   I’m gonna try to do this on a weekly basis. (TRY!) My Paupered Princess “LYFESTILE” Brand! … Continue reading

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You Can Have Your Graffiti. Alain Delon is MY Kind of Street Art Sweet Heart!

Faced with a challenge from a fellow blogger, Sylvain Landry, I decided to have a go at it! Sylvain Landry’s Street Art Challenge What actually prompted me to go for the challenge is simply this. I equate street art with … Continue reading

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Lazy Mom Is At It Again!! Cookies and Brunch!

Bonaparte and I headed into Astoria this past weekend. This view of the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway from the passenger side is looking mighty familiar these days! We went to visit Roman at his apartment. Lazy Mom was so excited to see … Continue reading

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My Interview With The Devil!!!! Josh Duggar Blames Satan–That’s What HE Said!!

Oh boy. I just cannot begin to tell you just how busy the past few days have been for me. I have been to HELL and back. I’m not talking about being stuck on the Belt Parkway either! Believe me–stuck in … Continue reading

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Till Death Do Us Party?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Two days ago I drove out to Long Island. The reason was to attend a funeral for my Aunt Catherine, who passed away just shy of her 100th birthday. These words pretty much sums it … Continue reading

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Creepy. Creepy. Makes Me Weepy!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.” Sometimes, a photo or two or even three will speak a thousand words. This week’s  Daily Post Challenge is the word “Creepy”! Look what I found to describe that word! Well, my … Continue reading

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