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Thank you Man! I Really Feel Like A Woman!

Yesterday’s blog post was on the subject of “Boots”.  Yesterday’s Boot Post One of my blogger friends, Bun Karyudo, made a great comment: “It’s funny, there was a time when wearing boots was a man’s thing, but nowadays they only … Continue reading

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I’m Givin’ Ya The Boot(s)!

“I swearda God I’m gonna boot yer ass from here ta kingdom come”    Thomas Wynne Quoted on a Friday evening in the Fall in 1975 when two Thai sticks fell out of my brother’s back jeans pocket. My brother’s … Continue reading

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Blogging School Dunce

Shhhhhh…..quiet.  Ok. Listen.  I have something to say. I have fallen deeper into the abyss of Blogging School Duncedom and I need to revisit. Why do I have to have goals and gain a larger percentage of  readers? Am I a … Continue reading

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Age-Aid! A Benefit Concert For The Ageism Movement’s Revolution!!

I’ve had enough and I’m not gonna take it anymore!  That’s right. I’m talking about the new “ism”! AGE-ISM! I’ve designed Tee shirts for my Age-Aid concert!  All funds will be donated to the fight against ageism! We older, wiser and more … Continue reading

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Please. Don’t EVER Forget!

I started writing a post last night about home decorating and improvement from my “empty nester” point of view.  But when I woke up this morning, there were reminders of this horrific event that is now 15 years old. Back … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Just Wanna Be…………………………………………alone.

You know..I can be quite the social animal and I love being that way.  I enjoy trying to make people happy—and that is because I want to make people happy.   It’s just really important to me to try to make … Continue reading

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Home is a feeling. Home is a place of extreme comfort and home is the place that you can return to when you are having a bad, bad day. Alexander was smart! He knew home was the best place to … Continue reading

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I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great hair day! It’s humid and hot as all get out. But, I’ve got the A/C down to about 50 degrees and I’m diggin’ a great hair day! Crème de Cassis and Maille Mustard! Not together silly!!!! Yummy Yummy. … Continue reading

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What Bonaparte Didn’t Know—My Love for French Cinema!

Summer is over. Officially, Fall doesn’t roll in for another two weeks, but mentally; I’m done with the heat and humidity. Which brings me to this—Bonaparte and I love going to the movies during the Summer months. For two hours … Continue reading

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Why I Write

As a young student, my days were filled with learning Math, Science, Geography, History, Penmanship, Spelling and English. The obligatory essentials of every young student! I loved English, mostly because we were able to read many different books and write creative … Continue reading

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