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My French Map Will No Longer Show A Wonderful Place…

When Bonaparte and I visited the Cote d’Azur this summer, we had the greatest meal in the most adorable restaurant on the needle of L’Aiguille.  A thin, long but small beach in Theoule-sur-Mer.   It took a while for us … Continue reading

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All I Ask Are For Simple Directions? Is That So Wrong?

You know that weird feeling you get of unfamiliarity?  It happens a lot when you are going somewhere that you haven’t been to before.  And it happens when you follow the directions you got online. I depend on directions so … Continue reading

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I’m Just a Paupered Princess© in J. Crew Clothing

*Sigh*. It’s early on a Sunday morning. All is quiet. Chippy is curled up in a bundle just feet from where I sit. My little buddy is never far from me. Sometimes he’s so close that I trip over him. … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Clumsy

Yes. It is one of those days in which my clumsiness outshines every single wonderful quality that embodies the essence of who I am! A regular “Accident Prone Joan”! This meme by BleuKettu on Deviant Art basically describes my clumsy. … Continue reading

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In Search of a Decent Baguette—Cherchez Le Pain!

This gallery contains 16 photos.

A Reblog for this Friday. The lack of a decent baguette at Wegmans has prompted me to revisit this blog post! Enjoy the rerun!

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My Wide Load Again…And Other Musings

I’m changing the words to Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” to “My Wide Load Again” My wide loan again Need to get rid of my wide load again Need to work it till its lean And thin again I … Continue reading

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Hey Pope! Take Note!

Pope Francis will be visiting the Washington, DC, New York and Philadelphia areas in just a few days. Holy shit! He’s going to be here tomorrow!   It’s really exciting.  It’s also too bad that I didn’t get a special invitation … Continue reading

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There Is Only One Thing That Holds Me Back…..

I’m taking a writing challenge. I am taking The Sandbox Writing Challange 6. What’s Holding You Back?   This question IS quite the challenge, but in order for me to be an honest writer, I have to accept it. I need to question why … Continue reading

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Wanna Share a Cuppa Cawfee And Tawk With Me?

Such a true passage……. Ya know, Bonaparte is so good to me. He always makes the best cuppa Joe every morning. He treats me like the pretend royalty that my delusions have me believe I am. I really am lucky! … Continue reading

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Atypical 60’s Open Letter To Society

Hi Society, Or should I say “High” Society? Seriously society, what the hell has happened to you?  I mean, you used to be so classy and proper and cultured and intellectual! Baby, you used to care. You had high standards! … Continue reading

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