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What to Really Expect When You Are Over 55 And Looking For A Job. Part Two.

Now that we’ve addressed appearance, let’s move on to the more beefy and incredibly entertaining part of the older job seeker’s journey. Wouldn’t we all love to say this? You are led into a conference room.  Usually someone from HR … Continue reading

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What to Really Expect When You Are Over 55 And Looking For a Job. Nobody Wants To Hire You. Part One.

Hi all!  This is a post that is pretty difficult to write. And when I say difficult, I don’t mean it in a painful way.  I mean it more of a “where-do-I-begin” post. I think I’ll start at the beginning … Continue reading

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Hair I Go Again!!!

I went to see hair stylist/cutter extraordinaire Adam today.  My hairs were in dire need of serious trimming. Adam is always happy to see me. I think. Now he has two heads of my hair to cut!! Yeah. You read … Continue reading

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My Ass Got Fat. And That’s My Point(s)!

I’ll admit. I’ve been eating like a slovenly pig for the past few months.  The stress of working in retail hell had me doing the emotional eating thing. You know the kind of eating I’m talking about. You get all … Continue reading

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Attention–I Am A Walmart Shopper!

Yes. I am! I love shopping at Walmart. I have been poorly judged on my decision to shop at this ginormous vault of discount goodies and slashed prices.  And I don’t care. Yes. Walmart IS one of my shopping happy … Continue reading

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Heel Mary Full of Grace, My Shoes Are With Thee..

One of the great things about being back in the office groove is that I get to dress up again.  The President of the small company where I am now employed prefers a professional look—especially when bankers and other financiers … Continue reading

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Shit Bad Moms Do

Bonaparte and I saw the movie “Bad Moms” last weekend.  We went to see it on the recommendation of my daughter, Oona. She mentioned that I would love the movie because of the many “bad mom” moments she remembers during her … Continue reading

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Shit Old Ladies Do

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In reading the latest post on “That’s Not My Age”: I KNOW–I am still trying to figure out the nuances on rebloging—, I decided to reblog one of my favorite posts because I’m becoming increasingly frustrated that companies continue … Continue reading

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I’ve Done Some Shopping………

Alright. I’ve learned quite a bit about handbags while working at Nordstrom, and have been educated about “brand name” handbags, I’ve learned that some of the popular brand names are really good while others—well, they are pretty crappy. Naturally, my … Continue reading

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The Bon Vivant of Skincare

Hi all!  Well, things are winding down to normal here at Chateau Bonaparte!  Our latest trip to France is all but a fun memory and I’ve happily traded in my retail position for an administrative assistant position. And since I’m … Continue reading

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