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The One TV Show Every Woman Over 50 Must Watch!

I, as well as most women of my age, spent a lifetime watching reruns of “I Love Lucy”.  Lucy and Ethel are the most iconic team in comedy. I’m still enjoying these two! Haven’t we all seen every episode at … Continue reading

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Saturday Randomlings

It’s the day before Easter and the day before my 62nd birthday.  I have had a busy day so far.  And I’ve got a couple of hours to kill before getting ready to go out to dinner. Some of my … Continue reading

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The Best Solution for Giving Back That Luster to Aging Hair!

It’s bad enough that we end up with turkey neck, wrinkles, and saggy bits as we age. I understand that. I don’t necessarily like it, but I can sort-of accept it. But worse than turkey neck, in my most humble … Continue reading

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The Ragin’ Agein’

Once again, I’ve started a post and my thoughts managed to go into a different direction. I’m procrastinating my shopping post—but my brain was interrupted when I started to think about my upcoming birthday. I’ll be working on my shopping … Continue reading

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I’m a ConTOUR Artist–Not a Con Artist!

Before I continue, I want you to know that the laptop is going back tomorrow.  I will be looking for a different model. Unlike this HP Pavillion which has the crappiest touchpad that cannot seem to be disabled.  And then … Continue reading

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Makeup Free Movement? Nope. I’m of the Make Me Up Movement!!!

CAVEAT:  This post would have been published last night. But my &*()&*(&* damn laptop stinks.  My finger touched a certain key and everything disappeared. I’m writing this on the PC instead! And away. We. Go… My morning routine is very important … Continue reading

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Hair I Go Again!!!

I went to see hair stylist/cutter extraordinaire Adam today.  My hairs were in dire need of serious trimming. Adam is always happy to see me. I think. Now he has two heads of my hair to cut!! Yeah. You read … Continue reading

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